A bantam breed, somewhere between Mallards and Call ducks in size, these little cuties are a sight to behold. Although the name suggests they are from down under, they were actually developed in the United States.

The spotted ducks come in three main colors, Bluehead, Greenhead, and Silver. Although the drakes are fairly easy to tell apart once adult, the hens can prove to be more challenging. They usually stay close to home, but are active fliers.

These little bantam ducks are considered to be the best layers for their size. They are fast maturing, and love to forage. They are hardy in our winters, but do require protection. Ours keep swimming in their water bowl, even at -20, so we give them lots of thick straw to dry off in! Their demeanour is calm and friendly, and they are a treasured addition to our family here at Sunexotics.