There is no other breed that is as popular, or as loved, as the bantam sized silkies. Originally from the Far East, paint silkies are still rather rare in Canada, although other colors are more common. Silkies as a breed have black skin and 5 toes instead of the normal 4, as well as their well known fluffy feathering and puffs on their heads. They can be bearded or not. They make wonderful mothers, go broody quite easily, and seem to readily adopt almost any other bird. They are very docile and friendly, and seem to enjoy human interaction. Paint silkies are white with black spots. Occasionally, splash silkies are sold as paints, which is in fact a different color all together. The way to tell a true paint from a splash is to look at the black feathering. In paints, the black color goes right to the base of the feather. This is not the case in splash silkies.