What can one say about peafowl, except what a display of gorgeous feathers! Peafowl have amazing personalities as well. Although not domesticated enough to be considered friendly, they do get to know their keepers and like routine, and become a lot less flighty with time. Most peafowl varieties, such as the India Blue, Black Shouldered, White, Cameo, etc., survive surprisingly well in colder climates, when offered the protection of an insulated building. Roosts should be large in diameter, so that in colder weather, the peafowl can get their toes under their feathers. They are great fliers, and love to roost high. Our roosts are at the 7 foot level. Also, they need good ventilation, and our personal experience has been that they do better without artificial heat. Here at Sunexotics, we have the India Blue and the Black Shouldered varieties, and are introducing the Silver Pied. We do not sell peacock eggs, nor do be sell peachicks. Our peachicks are raised by their mothers and are available as juveniles in the spring.