Every spring, once the weather is conducive to putting the birds into their breeding pens, we make hatching eggs available. Chicks are available in spring and throughout the summer. In the fall, we make juvenile birds available.

Hatching eggs can be either picked up at the farm gate, or can be shipped. We ship our hatching eggs in foam egg shippers, to ensure as safe a transport as possible. All chicks and juvenile birds must be picked up at the farm gate.

Most of our hatching eggs are sold through auction sites, although we do accept a small number of people for our waiting list every spring. Since we have no control over the eggs once they leave our farm, we DO NOT guarantee the buyer's hatching rates and we DO NOT offer either replacements for those that are not fertile, nor a refund. Shipping takes a toll on fertile eggs, and depending on how rough the handling was, you should expect loss of fertility. The buyer assumes all risk associated with shipped eggs, once they leave our hands.

However, we DO guarantee that fertility has been tested here on the farm prior to sale, and we let you know up front what the fertility percentage is. We do test hatches throughout the entire time that we sell hatching eggs, to ensure that the fertility remains constant.