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Solid Blue Marans

The Marans chickens originated in France and are known primarily for the large dark chocolate brown eggs they lay. They usually get along well with other chickens, and are quiet and docile in nature. The original French standard requires legs to be feathered, and this helps them to do well in colder climates. They are a tough bird, resistant to disease, and do well free ranging. They come in a large variety of colors. At this time, they are still rather rare in Canada. Here at Sunexotics, we are currently working with the straight Blue Marans variety, and so get blues, blacks, and splashes in the chicks, without any copper coloring.

Marans Rooster and Hen
Marans Hen
Marans Flock

Temperament: Busy doing their thing.
Egg Color: Dark chocolate brown
Egg Size: Medium to Large

Marans Eggs
Marans Chicks
Marans Chick