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SUNEXOTICS Kitten Gallery--New Brunswick

Present to January/1998

Augustus Gentle Augustus, a blue classic tabby boy, did not appreciate his long trip at all. Even though he was with his brother, he was still not impressed. Once in his new home, he let his brother, Otis, take the lead, just to make sure things are as they should be. Poor Auggie. It was a very hard time for you! Auggie is the very precious son of Sunexotics Lynxs Legacy and Sunexotics Red Snapper, having fun and entertaining the Meadows family of Fredericton.
June 21/06

Otis Sweet and trusting Otis, a brown classic tabby boy, took his long airplane ride in stride. He travelled with his brother, and tried to comfort him on the trip. Once in his new home, he quickly adjusted, saw the food bowl, and has never looked back. What a fellow! Otis is the handsome son of Sunexotics Lynxs Legacy and Sunexotics Red Snapper, making himself right at home with the Meadows family of Fredericton.
June 21/06

Lady Morgan Lafay Beautiful Morgan, a blue cream torbie with high white girl, handled her long overnight plane trip with calmness and grace. Such a looker, she eagerly met her future mate Percy, and settled down for a well deserved nap. Morgan is the exotic daughter of Sunexotics Tye Dye and Sunexotics Red Snapper, hoping to give some beautiful babies to Camelot Coonery and the Simpson family of Smithtown.
Lady Morgan Lafay
Jan. 4/06

Perceval Easy going Perceval, a brown classic tabby boy, travelled to his new home without complaint. Once there, he was eager to meet everyone, and generally make himself at home. Fun loving, and gentle, one of the babies of Sunexotics Prairie Mist and Rakcoons Midnight Special of Sunexotics, Percy is making himself indispensible to the Simpson family of Smithtown.
June 21/06

Lady Gwenevere Travelling with her companion, Sir Lancelot, Lady Gwenevere, a very pretty silver classic tabby girl, endured the plane ride. Although much more cautious at first, she just couldn't wait to give of some of her great love and purrs. She will one day make beautiful babies of her own! Congratulations, Camelot Coonery, and thank you to the Simpson family for the great home they are now providing to three of our precious babies! One of the babies of Rakcoons Tressa of Sunexotics and Sunexotics Callisto.
Lady Gwenevere
Nov. 1/02

Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot, a very handsome brown classic tabby with white boy, travelled a long way. Easy going, and cheerful, he didn't let that stop him from fitting right in. We would like to congratulate Camelot Coonery and the Simpson family, and wish them much joy in their new venture! One of the babies of Sunexotics Prairie Mist and Sunexotics Red Snapper.
Sir Lancelot
Oct. 29/02

Sir Galahad Sir Galahad, a very cute golden brown classic tabby, has a very royal name. Taking the long flight in stride, his gentle personality has already endeared him to his new family. A very special kitten, we wish to thank Kelly and Waylon Simpson for the loving home they are providing for Sir Galahad. One of the babies of Antarcin Silverwing of Sunexotics and Advent Hill Phoenix of Sunexotics.
Sir Galahad
Nov. 2/02

Mulligan Mulligan, a brown classic tabby with personality to spare, seemed to enjoy his plane trip, and received special attention from the Air Canada cargo people. He made himself right at home with his new buddy, Gus, a friendly and very large St. Bernard. Mulligan is a kitten of Sunexotics Prairie Mist and Advent Hill Phoenix of Sunexotics, now residing with the Burry family.
May 13/99

George Coonie A shyer boy, this young fellow had a very long car ride to reach his home near the ocean. He is enjoying the salty breeze and the company of many other creatures. One of the babies from Sunexotics Prairie Mist and Advent Hill Phoenix of Sunexotics, residing with Roy and Judy McLenaghen.
George Coonie
Jan. 20/98

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