Heritage Breed Conservancy

Brahmas--Blue/Black/Splash, Gold Laced, and Silver Laced

Often considered the gentle giants of the poultry world, Brahmas are indeed huge and docile, and the gold laced variety is no exception. Originating in India, these beautiful birds are strong, hardy, and resilient, and come with a thick feathered coat. The feathering continues down their shanks and toes. Because of this, Brahmas are extremely hardy, even in the coldest of climates. Their pea combs are small enough that they don't get frostbitten easily. They are excellent layers of large uniformly brown eggs. We have found Brahmas to be friendly, good natured, and calm, and once they get to know the routine, they seem to look forward to seeing their caretakers, eager for any treats that might have been brought. Recently, the breed has made a comeback and is now on the "watch" list. We have three amazing colors at Sunexotics--Blue/Black/Splash, Gold Laced, and Silver Laced.

Blue Brahma Rooster
Gold Laced Brahma Hen
Blue Brahma Flock

Temperament: Calm and docile
Egg Color: Light brown
Egg Size: Medium to large

Brahma Eggs
Gold Laced Brahma Chicks
Blue Brahma Chick