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Cream Brabanter

Brabanters are an ancient breed originating from the border region straddling the Netherlands and Belgium. It is one of the most ancient of Dutch breeds, with some evidence that it had existed in the 1500s. It was thought to be extinct, but in the 1920, a few dedicated Dutch breeders brought the breed back. Two very distinct attributes of brabanters is the large tuft on their heads said to resemble a mohawk, which does not extend over the eyes, and in no way impedes vision, and the v-shaped comb, with two horns at the back of it. Wattles are absent. Brabanters also have a thickly feathered, three part, beard. Although many colors exist, the breed is extremely rare. At Sunexotics, we are concentrating on the cream Brabanter variety. The Brabanters are known for being lively, yet docile, quite agile and curious. They love to "talk" and will seem to carry on endless conversations with each other. They are good layers of fairly large white eggs, rarely go broody, and are quite hardy, if given some winter protection.

Brabanter Rooster
Brabanter Hen
Brabanter Flock

Temperament: Curious and agile
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Medium to large

Brabanter Eggs
Brabanter Chicks
Brabanter Chick