We take bio security very seriously. Because of the number of extremely rare and irreplaceable breeds we have on site, we cannot afford to take any chances. Therefore, we very, very rarely bring in any adult birds, and only if we need to add biodiversity to a rare breed and hatching eggs are not available. In these special cases, the birds go through an extremely rigorous and lengthy quarantine.

Please note: Due to the strict bio-security measures that we have adopted, we are closed to the public.
We do not allow any visitors near our bird pens, under any circumstances. This means that when you come to pick up birds or eggs, you will be doing so at the farm gate--NO EXCEPTIONS! We appreciate the desire to see our birds but unfortunately, this is a price that needs to be paid to continue to breed rare species of poultry and to guarantee that any birds you get from us, are healthy and disease free.

In the near future, we hope to have a virtual tour video, so that everyone can see the birds and the setup we have for them.