What can one say about the most unusual Ayam Cemani breed! It is one of the most unusual and exotic breeds of chicken. Originally from Indonesia, Ayam Cemanis are highly revered, as they are believed to carry mystic powers. These beautiful birds carry a dominant hyperpigmentation gene, that makes them solid black throughout. And we mean throughout--skin, feathers, meat, internal organs and even bones. The only thing that isn't black, surprisingly, is the egg. Eggs are small and white or light beige, and although they do not lay throughout the year like most chickens, they can produce up to 80 eggs a year. Ayam Cemanis are more like game birds in terms of their diets. They prefer a variety in vegetable and insect matter, and respond better and lay more eggs, when fed this variety.

We are just starting out on this adventure with the Ayam Cemani, and it will be a few years before we have anything significant available for sale.