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Lavendar Ameraucanas

The Ameraucana breed was derived from blue egg laying, rumpless Araucanas, but they have the advantage genetically and do not suffer the lethal genes inherent in the Araucana breed. They are a fairly large bird, with beautiful muffs and beards. Their small pea combs make them winter hardy. They are happy birds, and although personalities can differ, on the whole are curious, and active. They are great layers of medium eggs in beautiful shades of blue. They should not be confused with Easter Eggers, as Ameraucanas do conform to a breed standard, whereas Easter Eggers are hybrids made up of many different breeds and have no standard. Ameraucanas are becoming quite popular in Canada, although the lavendar color variation we are working with is still quite rare and has not been accepted into the breed standard as of yet. Our Ameraucanas are lavendar in color, originally coming from black split to lavendar parents, and produce all lavendar chicks.

Lavendar Ameraucana Rooster
Lavendar Ameraucana Hen
Lavendar Ameraucana Flock

Temperament: Active
Egg Color:
Egg Size: Medium

Lavendar Ameraucana Eggs
Lavendar Ameraucana Chick
Lavendar Ameraucana Chick