Situated in the beautiful Alberta prairies, with a fantastic view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance, these wide open spaces give us the privilege of raising all kinds of exotic animals for our own enjoyment. More importantly, our mission is to help preserve the genetic diversity of critically endangered and rare heritage breeds of chickens and livestock, so that future generations may also be able to enjoy these very old breeds. Losing them would mean losing a lot of biodiversity, a necessity in keeping all poultry healthy and able to weather extreme conditions, both environmental as well as biological. We have many decades of experience with birds, knowledge of genetics and good breeding practices, as well as biosecurity measures.

We are a small, family run, closed facility, and so do not have large amounts of eggs or chicks available at any given time. We strive for quality rather than quantity. We are always in the process of trying to improve the breeds we have, or trying to set up new flocks of rare breeds, so not all breeds listed are available each year. We sell hatching eggs through auctions in the spring or through prepaid special requests only, and do ship them across Canada in secure foam egg shippers. Chicks are also available, and we prefer that they are picked up off farm. We can however ship chicks across Canada from May to September, but this is by air only. Occasionally in the spring, we do have young adult birds available as well, as we strive to choose only the best birds for our breeding endeavors.